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December 1 - 16

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In Italy I fell in love with food. The twirls of the fork wrapping pancetta laced noodles between the tines and the deep dive of the spoon into creamy, but not too much so, gelato. More than the food, I fell in love with a culture which upholds the table with reverence and delight. From that first taste at the table I've surrounded myself with food working in restaurants, starting a food blog, teaching classes, writing cookbooks and creating a line of products with one goal in mind; to encourage people to gather at the table.

The Not Without Salt Shop was created in part to make my love for the table a community act. Come join us at the table for private dinners, intimate workshops or just stop by to peruse our retail shelves and linger to see what's cooking in the kitchen. We can not wait to have you at our table. 


"Where would we be without salt."          - James Beard

You may have guessed by the title of this site that I have a thing for salt. Resting on a little ledge in the kitchen, always within arms reach, are at least three different salt varieties. In the inside pocket of my purse I carry with me a small container that contains a modest amount of both Fleur de Sel and Maldon.

We carry five different salt blends that feature freshly toasted and ground spices making flavorful and delicious dishes that much easier. My current favorite; Fennel Coriander. Check out all of our varieties in the shop.